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Catherine Teague LPC

Catherine is a member of the National Christian Counselors Association and is a certified and licensed pastoral counselor with extensive training in counseling and ministering to the emotional and spiritual wounds caused by broken relationships, fear, abuse, rejection, loss, and life circumstances.

Catherine seeks to reflect the character of Jesus Christ through her personal life and her work.  She will not ever be forceful with her faith upon others, but she will encourage her clients to develop their own relationship with Jesus Christ as she believes he is the one true healer of our mind, body, and emotions.


As a faithful woman of God, Catherine believes that God is the ultimate authority in counseling, and He is the one who gives us the resources we need to change.  It is because of this, that Catherine prays over her client’s situations and looks to the authority of the Bible for guidance.

Catherine encourages her clients to build a dependency on God where they can find forgiveness for the past, strength and comfort for the present, and a hope for the future by trusting the Lord to daily meet their needs and heal emotional wounds.  


Catherine is deeply concerned not only with the spiritual needs of her clients, but also their emotional and physical needs. She believes we can only feel complete and fulfilled through our relationship with God through his Son Jesus Christ, and through your journey, Catherine’s love and support will be a guiding light whenever it is needed.